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At North Law PLLC,

our goal is to provide the highest quality legal counsel possible.
Sounds nice, but what does that even mean?

Our Focus

Taking the obscure and complicated world of law and making it accessible, understandable and relevant to our clients’ needs.

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There is a reason why much of the public thinks of lawyers as arrogant jerks who talk down to people and order them around. This stems largely from the fact it is simply easier to tell someone what to do than it is to explain why. It saves time for the attorney, but it does nothing for clients.

Best Lawyers

Moreover, it can be very telling of the skill of the lawyer involved – are they still just regurgitating what they memorized to pass the bar? Do they really understand my case or what I’m going through? Are those horns sticking out from that combover?

Or does the lawyer understand how the law works so well
they can explain it in a way a five year old could understand?


North Law, PLLC

You'll get exactly that.