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Probate and estate planning is our specialty, but our practice is diverse.

North Law PLLC has proven success handling a variety of cases – not just probate and estate planning. From business consulting to property law to landlord-tenant matters, North Law PLLC can deliver the results you need.


Meet Andy

Andy has been practicing law since 2008. He previously worked as an attorney in both the public and private sector before starting his own practice in 2014.


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How do we start the process?


Initial Contact

The first step is always the hardest, but once it’s taken, you’ll wonder why you waited at all. That, and, it’s free. Simply call our office or send an email to *EMAIL* to begin the process and schedule a free consultation.



In order to plan your estate, you need to know a little bit about how it all works. And we need to know a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) about you. You’ll meet Andy and discuss your situation. If you have done any previous estate planning you’ll want to bring that with you. The estate planning consultation is free and usually takes between 30-45 mins.



After the consultation Andy will begin drafting your estate plan. Sometimes documents need to be tracked down or deeds retrieved from the courthouse. This step typically takes a week or two, but can vary greatly from case to case.



Once your documents are complete, we will contact you to schedule the signing of your estate plan at our office. Because witnesses are usually needed, we prefer for you to come to us – but we do make house calls upon request.



Some attorneys will make clients do some of the heavy lifting for them by telling them to record deeds on their own or to make copies of the estate plan themselves if they want it. Then they give you a pile of papers and tell you you’re all set. Not at North Law PLLC. After you’ve executed your estate plan, we will put the finishing touches on it. The documents are copied and scanned into our computer system. Deeds are recorded. I’s are dotted. T’s crossed. Your estate plan is then put together in a binder and you’re notified when it is ready to be picked up.



All estate planning is done based on flat fees, not hourly billing. This provides clients the comfort of knowing exactly what their costs will be without having to worry about another bill in the mail. Clients typically pay the fee in full when they come in to sign their estate plan. However, they may set up alternative payment arrangements.